A few projects in EMG’s history include the following:

  • 2021-2022 Transaction Advisory for Thermal (Gas) Power Plant Acquisition in Nigeria
  • 2018 USTDA Pakistan Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant Feasibility Study
  • 2016 CECACIER Costa Rica Smart Grid Maturity Model Navigation Feasibility Study
  • 2015 USTDA Dominican Republic Smart Grid Upgrades for System & Market Operator
  • 2015 USAID Developing Natural Gas Industry Guidelines for Ghana Energy Commission
  • 2014 USTDA China, Shanghai; Smart Grid Desk Study for China,
  • 2014 USTDA Shanghai Distributed Energy, Micro grid, DSM, and Energy Storage
  • 2013 USTDA China Distributed Energy/ Micro Grid – Desk Study Projects
  • 2012 USAID Pakistan Energy Sector DM project II
  • 2011 USTDA Turkey Smart Grid Definitional Mission Project
  • 2011 USTDA LAC Solar Energy DM Project.
  • 2011 USTDA Mexico Renewable Energy DM Project.
  • 2010 USTDA Turkey Smart Grid Definitional Mission Project
  • 2010 USTDA MENA Power Sector Assessment and Designing Energy Projects Resource Guides.
  • 2009 USTDA Turkey Distribution Assessment Mission Energy Diversification and Efficiency
  • 2009 USAID Pakistan Energy Sector Investment Definitional Mission
  • 2005 USTDA Indonesia Renewable Energy Investment Definitional Mission